We provide actionable insights

Accurate and scalable baseline
with over 90% accuracy compared
to soil sampling

Granular information
and monitoring at
10m2 resolution

Completely new contextual insights
and benchmarking at scale
and over time

We create a digital twin of your land

We use multiple types of quality assured, locally relevant, validated geophysical and remote sensing data.

We classify your land scientifically based on its unique context and characteristics.

We derive natural capital health indicators completely remotely and at scale using our proprietary methodology.

We enable nature-based solutions

Land management for climate resilience

  • Outcomes-based analysis of past interventions
  • Realisable potential and peer comparisons
  • Contextual, locally driven analysis

Your Net Zero Journey

  • True baseline based on resilience to climate events
  • Net Zero planning and Carbon markets participation
  • Supply chain Net Zero pathway

Green Finance

  • Accurate and consistent measurements and monitoring to underpin financing
  • Globally applicable methodology
  • Evaluation of climate resilience and risk