Nature-based solutions are critical to help solve climate change

Healthy soils store more carbon

And support sustainable production of healthy foods

We provide the accurate measurements that enable nature-based solutions

What We Do

  • We help you manage your land for climate resilience 
  • We accompany you on your net zero journey
  • We support green finance

What We Measure

Soil Health

Soils support key ecological functions such as carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, microbial and mycorrhizal growth, water infiltration and storage, above ground evapo-transpiration, pest suppression, and ultimately, resilience to stress.  


Water is a fundamental component of the health of your land and other natural assets. Hydrological conditions such as precipitation, water availability and drought create landscape-scale and local water gradients, which profoundly influence surface water movement, soil moisture and groundwater accumulation.


Biodiversity is a key indicator of the health and potential value of the living component of your natural assets, the vast and complex interactions that exist between the living and non-living assets, and the extent to which your land sequesters carbon or retains water within a catchment.

Who We Serve

“The Downforce Technologies groundbreaking capability for measuring and predicting soil carbon is a game changer for planning and demonstrating how to impact the natural capital value of the land.” 

Deborah Kiers, Non-Executive Director, Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund

Land stewards, global companies, financial institutions and policymakers can use our data to design, implement and monitor scalable interventions to address climate change around the world. 

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